Center Drives Driving Center Pivot Irrigation

UMC® Center Drives

Experience Leading Quality, Performance and Design

UMC’s center drives have set the standard for quality, performance, and design in the mechanized irrigation industry since 1983 when we introduced the industry’s first helical center drive. Today we offer the widest range of center drives in the industry designed for everything from slow speed irrigation to super high speed chemigation and data collection. For over four decades, our center drives have been the trusted choice of customers worldwide.

Why Choose UMC Center Drives?

Uncompromising Quality: Each center drive is carefully crafted using top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing methods, ensuring exceptional quality and field life

Universal Interface: Our center drives feature multiple mounting bolt patterns enabling them to interface with nearly every pivot brand.

Robust Design: Our center drives feature superior protection from water ingress as well as larger bearings and precision machined heat-treated forged steel gears.

Enhanced Sealing: UMC center drives are the only center drives in the industry that feature cartridge style output seals. These seals eliminate shaft grooving and reduce oil leaks.

Wide Range of Options: We offer the widest range of center drives in the industry. Regardless of speed and torque requirements, we have a center drive designed to get the job done.