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C-Face Center Drive Motor

Designed for use with The UMC® CD-1 center drive gearbox

The UMC® C-Face Center Drive Motor is a replacement motor for older systems equipped with vertical worm gear center drives.

Part Number Description
06168-131E 1.5HP PEM/IE3 C-Face Motor


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The UMC® C-Face Center Drive Motor features 56C frame interface and a keyed shaft that allows for mounting to a vertical worm gear center drive (CD-1).

Features and Benefits

  • 1.5HP 3-phase PEM / IE3 motor
  • 56C frame interface
  • Keyed rotor shaft
  • Motor weep holes prevent moisture accumulation inside the stator
  • Aluminum finned stator for superior heat dissipation
  • Magnet wire to motor lead connections covered with Teflon tubing and encapsulated with P.D. caps for superior moisture protection
  • Class H wire and Class F insulation
  • Thermally protected motor with automatic reset located in the junction box