OUR HISTORY Rooted in Agriculture Since 1978

For 45 years, The UMC® team has consistently introduced groundbreaking solutions. Our journey has been remarkable, and as we forge ahead into the future, we remain committed to shaping the landscape of center pivot irrigation. Join us on this exciting journey.


UMC was founded by William “Bill” Smith in Los Angeles, CA, with a focus on distributing gearboxes to US pivot OEMs.


UMC revolutionized the industry by introducing the first shock-attenuating driveline coupler that significantly extended gearbox life.


UMC further strengthened its position as an industry leader by releasing the first helical center drive, the “Power Saver,” which reduced power consumption of center drive motors by approximately 50%.


UMC’s dedication to innovation and quality allowed the company to expand its product line, offering the most diverse powertrain product line in the industry.


UMC upgraded its driveline coupler, improving overall life and making it capable of handling larger tires and motors.


UMC introduced the 740 Series gearboxes, which have remained the industry standard used by OEMs globally to this day.


UMC introduced its patented TNT gearbox, which allowed for faster and easier towing of towable machines.


UMC further improved gearbox life by introducing cartridge oil seals for its gearboxes.


UMC introduced the “Spray Guard” for its Power Saver Center Drives, providing superior protection for the motor against spray from low drops.


UMC extended the overall gear life by releasing its high-torque gear material in select 740 series gearboxes.


UMC introduced its CX Coupler, a patented, pre-assembled, one-size-fits-all coupler design featuring one-wrench installation.


UMC opened a gearbox assembly line at its Costa Mesa, CA headquarters to offer Assembled in USA gearboxes.


UMC released the Power Saver 4 Center Drive, featuring an optimized gear design and cartridge output seals for improved performance and reliability.


UMC utilized its renowned center drive motor technology to release a series of 130 GPM 60Hz Booster Pumps, featuring improved performance and field life.


UMC answered the industry’s call for pivots to do more than just irrigate by releasing its High-Speed Constant Move powertrain system, enabling pivots to move up to 10x faster, unlocking the ability to practically chemigate, fertigate, and capture actionable field data in real-time.


UMC released its patented 755 and 765 series gearboxes, featuring large internal diaphragms that minimize internal pressure resulting in less oil leaks and longer gearbox life.


UMC released its 200 GPM 60Hz Booster Pumps, meeting the industry’s demand for a more reliable high flow Booster Pump.


UMC released its 88GPM and 130GPM 50Hz Booster Pumps, meeting the industry’s demand for Booster Pumps designed specially for 50Hz operation.