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Since 1978, UMC has been working to continually deliver stronger, better components to keep your center pivot irrigation system running longer and more efficiently. To truly maximize the service life of your gearbox, a little time spent on basic maintenance can go a long way.

UMC Founder, Bill Smith’s, Basic Maintenance Tips

Driveline components are the result of many years of research, testing and in-field operation. The development has led to an increase in sophistication and durability of gearboxes and related components. As evidence of this, pivot manufacturers now routinely offer exceptional gear drive warranties, typically extending seven to eight years. However, most of those warranties are valid only if owners adhere to strict maintenance and service requirements. Warranties withstanding, irrigation professionals would be wise to take good care of their drive line components, thereby extending use life and increasing cost efficiency.

Installation Manuals

UMC Standard Coupler Installation Manual – English
UMC CX Coupler Installation Manual – English