PRODUCTS Driving Center Pivot Irrigation

740-U-Driven™ Hydraulic Gearbox

Hydrostatically driven 50:1 worm gearbox for T-L center pivots and linears

The UMC® 740-U-Driven gearbox is a direct replacement for T-L Slave worm gearboxes. It is designed for use on T-L center pivots and linear irrigation systems that are hydrostatically driven.

Part Number Ratio
10141-105KU 50:1

The UMC® 740-U-Driven gearbox features a 50:1 gear ratio, a 2.25″ diameter output shaft, large input bearings, a steel worm gear, a cast iron bull gear and cartridge input and output seals that eliminate shaft grooving and reduce oil leaks.

Features and Benefits

  • 2.25″ diameter steel output shaft
  • 50:1 gear ratio
  • Cartridge input and output seals
  • Large input bearings
  • Full cycle external expansion chamber with stainless steel cover
  • 11-Bolt mounting pattern
  • External seal protectors for input and output seals
  • Top oil fill plug
  • Filled with extreme pressure gear oil
  • Dual ended input shaft with a hub cap for the unused end
  • Positive wheel register

UMC® manufactures a wide range of gearboxes to satisfy any application for your pivot or lateral move system. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution. Get the gearbox that is tailored to your specific application. If you need assistance choosing the appropriate gearbox contact us today!