SALES & SERVICE Just what you need, just when you need it

At UMC®, sales and service means more to us than taking orders and shipping products. When you make a request, we listen to what you’re asking for. Then we dig a little deeper.

Our customers come to us to find the right components for their irrigation systems, they’re never “sold”. Important difference. We carry a complete line of products to meet any combination of irrigation and budgetary needs. From considering application to span configuration to output torque to unique field conditions, we work with you to develop the optimal drivetrain solution or to identify the right product.

Service is Serious Business

You can’t afford downtime. We understand that. That’s why we design and build products that last, and test them to the most extreme conditions possible. But if there’s a problem, we don’t hesitate. We do whatever it takes to keep you up and running at 100%. We ask questions, bring in the right resources, get out to the field and figure it out. We don’t stop until the problem is solved. You expect that from UMC® and we wouldn’t deliver anything less.

From design and manufacturing, through order fulfillment and superior sales and service, UMC® gets the job done.

“The UMC® approach isn't about theory – it’s about folks rolling up their sleeves, looking at every situation from the grower’s perspective and then coming up with practical, no nonsense solutions.”