O’Neill Family Farms Sponsorship

UMC takes great pride in sponsoring video channels that passionately share and educate about the world of farming and agriculture. We value their dedication to fostering awareness and understanding, and we are honored to support their important work.


Rob O’Neill, a dedicated farmer hailing from central Nebraska, stands at the forefront of agricultural excellence. With his father and two brothers by his side, they form an unwavering team committed to the cultivation of corn and soybeans. Their shared passion for farming is complemented by a deep appreciation for the transformative power of technology, utilizing innovative advancements to enhance efficiency in their agricultural practices. Together, they embody the spirit of farming excellence and embrace the ever-evolving landscape of modern agriculture.

Their mission is to foster a deeper understanding and connection to modern farming and agriculture. Their videos showcase their day-to-day operations and valuable insights into the world of agriculture. Humbly acknowledging that their practices are tailored to suit their farm and economic conditions, they embrace the diverse approaches within the agricultural industry. Their commitment to transparency and education serves as a testament to their dedication in building a stronger relationship between farmers and the wider community.