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UMC’s Advanced Development 740-U-AD Gearbox


Over the last four decades, UMC has earned the reputation as the industry leader in drive train innovation and design by introducing many innovative products and setting the standard for reliability and performance in the industry. This commitment to product improvement and innovation inspired the development of UMC’s newest product, the Advanced Development 740-U-AD Gearbox.

The new 740-U-AD Gearbox is the highest performing final drive gearbox of its class in the industry. It’s unique design and new gear materials give it unrivaled performance in terms of load capacity and life expectancy at all RPMs. It features new high torque gears made from materials that enhance gear lubrication making this gearbox capable of significantly higher load capacities while minimizing gear wear. The enhanced lubrication properties of the 740-U-AD also result in cooler average operating temperatures, extending the useful life of the gear oil. Higher load capacity coupled with less gear wear and cooler operating temperatures translates into longer gearbox life and less downtime.

Our performance testing illustrates the performance benefits as compared between the new UMC 740-U-AD Gearbox and the Leading 52:1 Competitive Gearbox. This testing was performed by UMC and verified by an independent laboratory.

740-U-AD vs. Valley

The performance data shows that the new UMC 740-U-AD Gearbox outperforms the Leading 52:1 Competitive Gearbox in terms of both Load Capacity and Accelerated Life while running at a consistently cooler temperature.

What does this all mean?  UMC’s Advanced Development 740-U-AD Gearbox is the highest performing and longest lasting gearbox available. In addition it is offered at a price well below that of the Leading 52:1 Competitive Gearbox. All in all, we’re offering much more for a lot less.

There’s more on the way! Stay tuned for further releases of exciting new UMC drive train products in 2017!

For more information on UMC’s new Advanced Development 740-U-AD Gearbox and our other center pivot drive train products please visit our website at umcproducts.wpengine.com