Motores Acionamento do Pivô Central de Irrigação

UMC offers the widest variety of motors and gear ratios in the industry.
We offer the widest variety of ratios to meet the unique demands of water application rates. The UMC Powersaver is available for dual voltage and single and three phase power for applications around the world.
As part of the UMC balanced drivetrain system the Powersaver 3.5 is designed for many years of trouble free operation.

Projeto – UMC saw the need for a more efficient electric motor and introduced the first Powersaver with a helical gear design, setting the standard for irrigation drivetrains over 25 years ago. This product has evolved into an efficient and reliable power transmission unit with models to fit all applications and it has become the standard method for powering center pivot irrigation systems.

Quality – All of UMC’s Powersavers go through rigorous testing procedures and each finished unit is surge and high-pot tested prior to final assembly. Our motors are designed to meet UL, CSA, CCC, and CE requirements.

Innovation – Our Powersavers are designed with the grower in mind and feature many innovative design characteristics aimed at making service, maintenance, and installation faster and easier reducing service and downtime. Features such as the spray guard were designed to protect internal windings from the latest irrigation water techniques.