PRODUCTS Driving Center Pivot Irrigation

C-Face Motor

Designed for use with The UMC® CD-1 Center Drive

The UMC C-Face Motor is meant to be a replacement motor for older systems equipped with worm gear center drives.

The UMC® C-Face Motor is a 3 phase electric motor designed to be used with a Center Drive gearboxes for power transmission on center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum finned stater housing for cooler running temperature
  • Voltage: 460V 60 Hz, 380V 50 Hz
  • Thermally protected with automatic reset located in easily accessible junction box
  • All critical electrical connections use P.D. caps to encapsulate and to protect from moisture
  • Class H wire and Class F insulation
  • TFE tubing on all magnetic wire to motor lead connections
  • Makes possible the use of smaller generators and smaller incoming wire sizes
  • C.S.A., CCC, CE, and UL certified
  • High torque performance
  • Specially designed to NEC and NEMA specs for rugged irrigation duty
  • Minimal AMP draw: full load current at rated voltage, 2.3 AMPS.
  • .625 shaft diameter with key and standard NEMA 56-C face bolt pattern.
  • Internal fin cooled.
  • Heavy duty bearings.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Each motor hi-pot tested.