PRODUCTS Driving Center Pivot Irrigation

TNT-2-UV Gearbox

Designed for applications where the irrigation system may need to be towed and a longer output shaft is reqired

This gearbox is the perfect solution for a towable irrigation system where an extended output shaft is required. Growers typically prefer this gearbox over a gearbox with a towable hub. Simply disengage the worm and tow your system to its working location, then simply re-engage the worm and you are ready to run. Don’t forget to use a our patented CX coupler with this gearbox to reduce the labor in preparing a system for towing.

The UMC® patented TNT-2 final drive gearbox is designed specifically for applications where a center pivot or lateral move/ lateral irrigation system needs to be towed and an extended output shaft is required. The gearbox provides the ability to disengage the worm gear and allows users to move systems from one area to another without requiring a Towable Hub add on.

Features and Benefits

  • 2.25″ output shaft
  • 52:1 gear ratio with a 25˚ pressure angle
  • Dual input seals with a triple lip output seal
  • Input shaft guard
  • External seal protectors for input and output seals
  • Top oil fill plug
  • 11-Bolt mounting pattern
  • Full cycle expansion chamber with stainless steel cover
  • Filled with extreme pressure worm gear oil
  • Steel output shaft and ductile iron input shaft
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Includes carriage bolts and nuts
  • Dual ended input shaft

UMC® manufactures a wide range of gearboxes to satisfy any application for your pivot or lateral move system. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution. Get the gearbox that is tailored to your specific application. If you need assistance choosing the appropriate gearbox contact us today!