UMC’s founder, Bill Smith, would often say: “Our strength as a company is in its people and how we listen, innovate, and adapt to our customer’s needs”


Hear Bill’s story and his 40 years of success.

UMC ISO 9001 Certified

755 & 765 Advanced Development Gearboxes with Internal Diaphragm

The next generation of UMC® gearboxes with new and improved gearing made from enhanced materials that allow for greatly increased load capacity and reduced gear wear, while featuring a patented internal diaphragm that minimizes internal pressure, extending the life of bearings and seals.

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740-U-AD Advanced Development Gearbox

The optimized 740-U-AD™gearbox featuring new and improved gearing made from enhanced materials that allow for greatly increased load capacity and reduced gear wear, extending the life of the gears.

Power Saver® 4 Center Drive

UMC’s newest center drives feature enhanced heat treated forged gears, a single bolt junction box cover, and an optimized design, all working together to provide the most efficient and highest quality center drive in the industry.

CX™Coupler – Pre-Assembled – One Size Fits All

UMC’s patented coupler fits all drive shaft sizes and comes preassembled for easy installation saving you time and money.


From humble beginnings in a small warehouse in East Los Angeles, Universal Motion Components® has earned its reputation in the mechanized irrigation industry by manufacturing the most innovative and highest quality drive train products available. Since 1978 our innovative products have redefined the mechanized irrigation drive train. Today UMC® continues to be the catalyst for change in the industry through our constant pursuit of the best quality and highest performing drive train products.


Today: UMC® Global Headquarters – 55,000 square foot solar powered facility. Home to UMC’s USA Assembly Lines for Gearboxes and Couplers.


1978: UMC’s first location in East Los Angeles Circa 1978.


Today: UMC® offers the widest range of final drive gearboxes in the industry to suit any application and operating conditions. Ranging in size and capability from light duty to the highest performing gearboxes in the industry, capable of handling the most extreme conditions and applications, UMC has a purpose-built solution for your requirement.


1978: UMC’s first generation of 480 series gearboxes were built to handle the requirements of their era, when machines were lighter and used smaller wheels and tires.


Today: UMC’s Power Saver® 3.5 and soon to come Power Saver® 4 Center Drives are the industry standard for high performance and efficient center drives.


1982: UMC® introduced the industry’s first helical gear center drive, vastly improving efficiency.


Today: UMC’s couplers are world renowned for their quality and performance in the field. Our unique shock-attenuating puck is unrivaled in its ability to absorb start-up torque and withstand the harsh environment of a mechanized irrigated field.


1985: UMC® introduced the industry’s first shock-attenuating coupler, vastly improving gearbox life by allowing for the absorption of start-up torque from the center drive.

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