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So why choose UMC® over the competition?

DesignUMCDesign – The design and engineering department of UMC®, located at our Costa Mesa, CA headquarters uses the latest 3D CAD Programs; Structural Analysis software; and Product Lifecycle management software to ensure the highest quality products.

Testing – Our state of the art testing laboratories utilize highly sensitive measuring equipment to test and track gearbox output and performance over time. In addition, we have the most advanced dynamometer in the industry which enables us to precisely measure the load applied to gearboxes during testing and perform realistic simulated life tests under various conditions.

Remote Monitoring – UMC® uses custom field monitoring equipment to track and remotely monitor center pivots on farms all over the world. This enables UMC® to gather real data on the loads associated with actual field conditions that our driveline components experience. We use this data to improve our testing procedures and simulate conditions seen in the field.

UMCTestingQuality Management – Universal Motion Components® is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and we take extreme care to ensure the quality of our products and improve our company’s processes. We constantly have boots on the ground in the factory and in the field to ensure quality at every stage. Our quality control department, located near our manufacturing facilities in Asia and in the USA, conducts frequent audits and factory visits to ensure quality is built into every product and the quality system is operating effectively.

Hands on Manufacturing – Gearboxes are designed and engineered by UMC® in Costa Mesa, California, USA and manufactured to our exact specifications in Asia and the United States. Many of our factories have been building products exclusively for UMC® for over 25 years. These extensive and exclusive relationships, coupled with The constant UMC® hands-on quality assurance presence in our factories, has created an environment that champions teamwork and enables UMC® to provide the highest quality and most reliable gearbox in the industry.

USA Assembled productsUMCAssebly – The UMC® USA Assembly line located at our Costa Mesa, CA headquarters produces the highest quality American-assembled gearboxes in the industry. Our “AUSA” products undergo thorough in-process inspections and are assembled with purpose built tools and measuring equipment so every gearbox that comes off the line is precisely tuned to meet the rigorous demands of the field.

UMC® Advantage

Building a Better Gearbox

Drivetrain Experts

The UMC drivetrain is a system. Each component of that system is designed to work together as a system in balance. As the largest manufacturer of center pivot driveline components that provides the widest variety of gearboxes, Power Saver™ Center Drives and couplers, UMC® has the exclusive advantage to provide our customers with the ideal solution for their unique needs.