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What Makes UMC® Gearboxes Better?

Gear Technology – Material Matters. UMC® uses the highest quality material and a precise combination of gear materials in conjunction with excellent gear lubrication and AGMA gear designs to provide the highest quality and most reliable line of gearboxes available. Our dynamometer testing illustrates that UMC® gear designs meet and exceed the industry standard and outperform the life expectancy and wear rates of other gear manufacturers.

Overbuilt. Adds Cost. Not Value – The UMC® approach of Value Engineering is to design and build a line of gearboxes tailored to handle various field conditions and always keep the costs at a reasonable level for the grower. Added material and using hardware that exceeds the most impossible situations is a recipe for building a more expensive and over designed gearbox. We believe in providing the grower with the right gearbox for their specific application.

Bigger is not always better – Destruction testing and maximum torque calculation are great statistics and make for impressive graphs, but why build to loads that the rest of the drivetrain can’t produce? At UMC® you are not given just two choices. At UMC® you have over a dozen different models and ratios to meet your specific application. UMC® gives you choices that maximize your operational budget.

Common Sense Solutions – UMC® gearboxes are designed with the grower in mind and are value engineered to have features that make service, maintenance, and installation faster and easier reducing service and downtime. Features such as a positive wheel register; bull nose ribbed neck carriage bolts; a top oil fill provision; crop guard; an 11-bolt mounting pattern; and a dual input are examples of UMC® providing common sense solutions.

Gearbox Seals

The life blood of your gearbox is the oil. Any amount of leakage or contamination can have very damaging effects on the life of the gearbox. For this reason we use our exclusive UMC® Sealing System to protect your gearbox and ensure for long trouble free operation.

Gearboxes operate in some of the most extreme environments around the world. They are subject to extreme heat, extreme cold, and operate in all kinds of soils, from coarse sand to fine silt and clay.

Our sealing system is designed to keep the dirt out and the oil in. Compare our seal to the competitor’s solution and decide for yourself which seal you want protecting your gearbox, for the years you will own it.